Build, Make, Create.



In the last 50 years “the educated class, even the working class, have steered people away from making things”. There is too much focus on desk work and less on tangible, creative activities..


‘BUILD, MAKE, CREATE’: a workshop that promotes the time and space for free play. Derived form the theory of ‘Loose Parts’ the workshop incorporates a variety of tangible materials (loose parts), that the children can BUILD, MAKE and CREATE with. 

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I carried out BUILD, MAKE, CREATE with St.Johns C of E Primary School. Working with children 6-7, I arranged a variety of materials, tools and objects around their classroom. There were no rules or regulations, simply 30 minutes of free play to BUILD, MAKE and CREATE. 

After the 30 minutes I sat with the children and discussed what they had made. The results were amazing, truly original creations that exceeded my expectation. We had 'donkey cannons', 'cute cats', 'playground designs', 'forts' and much more. 

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